Monday, September 15, 2008

I Think I Have Another New Favorite

So I think I have another new favorite picture. There are so many to choose from, but this has been my screen saver and I love how it brings out her personality. I also love that this is my blog and I am free to be as obnoxious as I want and post as many pictures of my little pumpkin as I want! : )

Thursday, September 11, 2008

We Love You Papa

This week was so exciting with starting school, but we CANNOT forget it was also the one year anniversary of losing our sweet Papa after his battle with cancer. We met at Arctic Circle (one of Papa's favs), then ate our dinner near his grave site. We reminisced about Papa and then went to Barnes and Noble to pick out books for charity. Papa would have been all over that! We love you Papa!

First Week of PreSchool and Flower Fairy Tenny

We had a great time last Friday getting pictures. We just got the proofs yesterday. These are a few of the fun ones. It was a great end to the first week of school.

Tenny is LOVING school and not loving the days mom helps in class. : ) Here are some pics of her first week of school. Thanks Grammie for the first day of school dress. (green stripes......oh, "white stripes, white green mom!" I also die over the
pose she just had to do with her leg up on the porch

Nana and Grandpa Boss also gave her money for Ugg boots she has on order for school! Thanks!

Monday, September 8, 2008

What Is Old Is New Again....well, at least for me!

I really loved this shoe several months ago when it came out. I first saw it in silver and thought I could never pull it off. Over the summer I've been working on just being me....and ME wants these shoes.

On sale now, but hard to find. Couldn't resist the steal of a sale I found today in the purple like these. I also have this color in the picture (white, beige/oatmeal) and pink patent on order. Hey, Victoria Beckham and I are so much the same with the no flats thing.......and when your 5 foot nothin', ya gotta get a little height (sort of wedge going on here...why I love this Puma Spadrille!) even when you're goin' casual.

When I say we are so much alike, I every way......except I am not a pop star, have a skeleton bod, own 15 Hermes bags, married to a professional soccer player etc. But still similar right? ; )

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bless Her Pea-Pickin' Little Heart

'Ole Shannon became post worthy when I heard it said that she ORIGINALLY WASN'T going to take a role on the all new 90210 TV series, but then she did it for the fans. Bless her Hollywood heart for taking one for the team. That must be rough! : )

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Cousin, Cupcakes and Tie Dye Pictures

For some reason these didn't all go through on the last post. What a great day!

Tie Dye Fun

We had a lot of fun with our sweet cousin AM. TN loves all her cousins.

We went to Mini's Cupcakes. I LOVED the "Breakfast at Tiffany's" presentation, but the actual taste of the cupcake was struggling. TN loved her orange one and AM thought her frosting was G-ross! They are cute little cupcakes, but pricey!

We made tie dye shirts and it was so much fun. Our day was filled to the brim with activities, yet we still made time for them past bed time and I'm glad we did.

Yes, I had to make a bow to match...two for double pig tails no less! This one says, "Posh", but I have other things in mind too.

I realize they date back to Woodstock, but I feel like I invented it. We did a little embellishing with stitching and then my imagination took off with all the possibilities....and hello.......sparkle iron-ons are next baby!